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You’ve just found the most popular Online leather jacket store for women. At Faneema Leather Jackets, super service and top quality merchandise are what we’re all about. We work our hearts out making sure to stock all the latest and greatest items at affordable prices. Get your shop on faneema women's leather jackets and let us know if there are any special requests we can help you with.


Lambskin is the softest and most supple leather for women's leather jackets. But all lambskin women's leatherr jackets are not made equal - the quality depends on the grade of the leather – grade A, B, or C.


  • Grade A is the best quality and most expensive with a skin imperfection ratio of less than 10%.

  • Grade B is less expensive due to its higher skin imperfection ratio of around 25%. Grade C is the cheapest leather with at least a 60% skin imperfection ratio.

  • Grade C leather defects are hidden by adding a coating which hides not only the flaws but the natural leather grain and results in a stiff, hard feeling jacket. Leather without coating is also called naked leather and shows the leather’s natural surface and grain. Faneema Leather jackets are always made from Grade A naked, top/upper grain premier quality lambskin. The jacket is comfortable from the moment you put it on and can be worn year round.

  • Faneema women's leather jackets are always made premium A grade lambskin leather.

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